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Starlight 7

A stupid journal name and no time to write in it...

A fair and honest description of myself would be female, oldish, plain, opinionated - and boring. I also have a dry sense of humour at times.
From my school details you can see I lived in Canberra. I don't live there now. I liked Canberra though (except for the freezing winters). Even my name 'Starlight' is from the old Starlight Drive-in (now long gone). I suppose I could just have easily chosen Sundown (LOL) but the Starlight was closer to home.
I'm a person happy in my own company. I never get lonely - mind you it's almost impossible to anyway as long as you have pets. I have a job which I would not describe as challenging beyond the actual workload, which at times can be very annoying. I'm not career minded - I am happy to earn enough money to pay the bills and buy the occasional extra item if I want it.
I also write fanfic occasionally - VERY ocasionally. Unfortunately inspiration rarely strikes. I'll probably write even less in this journal, though you never know. It's hard to to get used to writing in something that can be to open to the public. I know I can make it more private but for the moment I'll leave it as it is and see what happens.